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5 Reasons why we dont celebrate Halloween


I LOVE Fall! It’s always so exciting to me when the air changes slightly cooler. Cold crisp mornings with the smell of wood smoke in the air, and the mountains painting a beautiful portrait of yellows, greens, and reds right before my eyes! I have loved this season ever since I can remember. I even got married in October just so I could have a fall/Autumn wedding, and yes I use my wedding decorations yearly ­čÖé

One thing I truly dislike about this season though is Halloween. Yes, I dressed up and went trick-or-treating as I was growing up. No, I didn’t turn out to be a Satan worshiper, but┬áthat’s not the point. We just do not feel that it Glorifies God in any way. ┬áSince the semi-recent birth of our son,(who is a year old now) we have chosen not to allow him to participate in trick-or-treating/ celebrate Halloween. I can tell you, I am not judgemental or mean. If you enjoy this holiday, be safe and have fun! This is a personal conviction in our family and I don’t try to talk anyone out of trick-or-treating so I’m a bit confused as to why some people try to talk us into taking our son.

So┬á here are a few reasons why we don’t “do” Halloween……

1.) Dressing up– The celtic believed that demons could roam the Earth only on Halloween and would dress up as demons so if they ran into a real demon they wouldn’y recognize them as human, but as one of them

2.) “Trick-or-treat”-┬á Well the explanation is already in this phrase. Children receive a treat in exchange for no ‘tricks’

3.) Evil is emphasized– any way you slice it, ghosts, goblins, zombies, vampires…despite what the Twilight series says, these are just not any ‘good guys’. I know there are non-scary costumes but it is undeniable that evil is celebrated on this night. My personal belief is that I shouldn’t teach my child to participate in a celebration of evil…He is allowed to dress up as Mickey Mouse any other day of the year to play and use his imagination, just not on Halloween. I fail daily, and sin daily but I try my best to ask myself before I take action, “Does this glorify God in any way?”

4.) DIABEEETUS– On the lighter ‘ish’┬áside of things, all of that candy is just not good for kids! Sweets are not a large part of our diet at home and all of that sugar will do nothing good for his little body.

5.) Childhood obesity and tooth decay– Now I surley hope everyone is only letting their kids binge for one night and not constantly, but I have seen extremely small children have 24/7 acess to their Halloween stash and this can cause more problems than I have time to list!

So to conclude, everyone has their own beliefs, and these are mine!┬áWhether you chose to go out on Halloween or stay in, please be safe! ­čÖé

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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