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I’ve got so much to thank Him for

So my friend over at Amazing Things Can Happen truly inspired me to examine my life on a deeper level yesterday. She has challenged everyone to thank God for the hardest times in their lives. This is in fact, no easy feat. We like to tell people who are going through hard times “God has a plan”, “trust God”, or “something good will come of it”. But do we implement that thought process when we ourselves are going through rough times in our lives?


Along with her challenge, she is posting examples from her categories. You can read the entire post about the Give Thanks Challenge here. I plan to follow her in this journey so that God can shine the light on the ‘bad’ experiences I’ve had in my life.

“I’ve got so much to thank Him for
So much  to praise Him for
You see He has been so good to me
When I think of what he’s done
And where He brought me from
I’ve got so much to thank Him for.”

This week I have done nothing but complain. I’ve been working 2 jobs and am trying desperately to find someone to replace me at my 2nd job so that I can spend more time with my son. I’ve been so tired lately because I feel like I’ve done nothing but work. I don’t have any energy to play with my son in the evenings, my house is topsy turvy, and I’ve not fed my family a decent meal but once this week.

Yesterday I began to basically wallow in self pity as I looked around the cyclone I currently call home. God spoke to my heart. It was as if he said, you have a home, and a warm place to sleep. I realized those dirty dishes meant we all have full bellies. The laundry strown everywhere means I have clothes to wear. My son going crazy playing in the living room floor. He’s healthy. My tiredness means he’s given me the strength to work all week.  And those 2 jobs He allowed me to have means we can provide for our son. It wasn’t so long ago I didn’t have a job at all, let alone 2 to complain about.


It is only human to complain and gripe about these things, but to let myself get to that deep dark place where I only complain is only giving the devil victory over my life. I want to thank GOD for all he’s done for me this week! I am blessed beyond measure and if no one sees anything else in my life, I want them to see God and all his glory!

Don’t forget to head on over to Amazing things can happen and join in the give thanks challenge!  I will be over there joing in this challenge this month! She also has some other “Amazing” stories about her personal miracles!

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