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Deer Hunting with Jesus

I’m sitting in total darkness, the cool air of morning in my face. I hear the rustling if leaves, things moving below me. I wait in anticipation of day break. Soon the foggy haze reveals squirrels playing in the leaves below, turkeys make their way in. Rays of sunshine stream through the trees onto the freshly fallen blanket of snow below. There’s nothing more magical and spiritual that witnessing the world come alive! All of God’s goodness and glory become extremely apparent as the animals begin their daily routine.
I await the arrival of a big buck while nestled in my stand with a big goose down blanket across my lap and a warm cup of coffee in my hand. I bow my head to pray. I thank God for safety into the woods and all of his glory he has bestowed upon us. I pray if he allows us to see one of his magestic deer that he steadies my aim and allows me to make a clean kill or a clean miss so not to waste his wonderful bounty. As I look up from my prayer, I see a doe peaking her head across the ridge looking to see if it’s safe to come on in and have a bit of breakfast. She comes to eat and leaves peacfully. I had just had our son and was breast feeding so i used this quite time to express milk for my son. My dad, who I’ve hunted with since I can remember, says “Wouldn’t it be funny if 2 deer walked out while you were pumping and we got to shoot them at the same time?” Of course, I said jokingly “Funny yes, but maybe they’ll wait until I’m done.” As I begin to finish up I look at the top of the ridge and notice something odd looking. There in the thicket, stands a buck. I make sure he has at least 6 tines on one side. My breath begins to quicken, my heart begins to race. So i quickly laid down the bottle and removed my nursing cover….daddy always taught us not to look at the horns before we shoot, but it was too late I had already seen this was a monster! I raise my gun to get ready for the shot. As he steps into the clearing, with his head thrown back, I pull the trigger. He’s down! But as I pull the lever to reload, he raised his head back up. At this point my heart is beating out of my chest! Then I look where he was standing, and see another buck watching him. I alert my Dad whom I always have hunted with and he shoots the second deer. He’s down also! So not to let my deer suffer, I shoot him again. This time he’s dead. As I sat there shaking with excitement I thank God for our bounty.


– Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me [some] venison; Genesis 27:3 (KJV)

Deer season is coming up in a couple of weeks here in NC and I’m stoked! I always get excited this time of year! There are so many things I love about fall, but I’ll have to say, deer season is my favorite!  Growing up, my dad worked 2 jobs to allow my mom to stay home with my brother and I. While it was great having Mom at home to help us learn and grow, we really missed our dad. When deer season rolled around he would take a week off of work to take us deer hunting. At first it was a great way to spend time with him (and still is), but he instilled his love for hunting in us during that time. We could hunt separately now, and have at times but we enjoy the fellowship too much to hunt separately most days.
I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn how to hunt from my dad and that he made us aware that God is who controls our hunts.
If you are a child of God you take Jesus with you wherever you go. But when you are riding a 4wheeler up the side of a cliff praying you make it without flipping, this makes you much more aware of the reality that old age is not promised. So I challenge you to ‘take Jesus’ with you every where you go!
Whether you get that big 8pt buck or come home empty handed, always remember… in all things PRAISE HIM!

God Bless!

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