Is God REALLY in Control of your life?

Every time something tragic happens in our lives, we say, ‘God’s in control’. We tell others the same thing. But do we really believe that? Have you TRULY given God complete control in your life?

Let me tell you a little story about faith….
My husband came home from work Friday and told me his daddy was scared for his mamaw. So naturally I asked, why? Mamaw A is a true old time lady. She never learned how to effectively cook on an electric stove so she cooks everything on high and hopes for the best. Well, mamaw A decided to fry pork chops Thursday night on her electric stove instead of firing up the wood stove. The pork chops caught on fire and smoked up the entire house. My father in law walked in to see her sitting on the couch wearing her oxygen with smoke engulfing the house. He asked her what happened and she told him of course. When he asked her what she did she said, “I turned the stove eye off and came in here and sat down”.
“Well mama why didn’t you try to put it out”, he asked. She simply replied by saying, “I didnt have anything to put it out with. God had control of it anyway, and he took care of it”.
Now at this point my father in-law thought his poor little mama had gone crazy. As I listened to the story though, I thought to myself how amazing to have that kind of faith in God.
Often I try to take my trials and tribulations into my own hands and attempt to fix them while I’m waiting in God. But if I could just be still and know that he is God like this precious lady did…..I’d do a whole lot less worrying because God would take care of it for me.

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 KJV


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